PolyFX Animation Effects Script

PolyFX is a useful tool for creating animation effects. Has a lot of parameters to customize the animation and several additional tools. Can be used in promotional video, TV, game development, etc.

Key Feature:

- Three working modes: Key, Controller and Particle.

- Working with elements of geometry.

- Built-in editor curves.

- Support animation by textures in a mode "Particle".

- Three built-in tools: Slice Fragmentation, Pattern Fragmentation and Quick Detach.

- Bake animation (actual for the modes "Controller" and "Particle").



Limitation of demo version: 

- Can not animate elements.

- All parameters in the group “Transform” have a limited range.

- Parameter "Curve.step" has limited to 5.

- Tool "Slice Frag." has a limit on the number of fragments to 10.

- Limited number of layers to 3.

- Can not set the color of objects.

- Can not set the material of objects.

- Can not set checkbox "Auto Update" in mode "Key".




1. Run 3ds Max as administrator.

2. Drag "PolyFX_*.mzp" file in viewport.

3. Press “Install”.

4. Restart 3ds max to completed.

5. You can find it in command panel "Create -> Geometry -> PolyFX", or in "Customize -> Customize User Interface -> (Group: Main UI / Category: BodyulCG)".





- Fixed bug with unstable work of curve editor.

- Fixed bug with controls "P. Type" and "Quantity" in mode "Particle" in 3ds max 2017.


- Added mode "Particle".

- Added "Transform by Map" in "Particle" mode.

- Added tool "Pattern Frag.".

- Added tool "Quick Detach".

- Improved tool "Slice Frag.".

- Improved work with layers (Layers work only in "Key" mode).

- Saving all settings script to a file.

- Fixed many bugs.


- Added mode "Controller".

- Added tool "Slice Fragmentation".

- Support for layers.

- Added tool "Collapse Controller" for "Controller" mode.

- Utility for cleaning garbage collection.

- Increased speed.


- Fix Bug (Speed and StartFrame).


- Added ability to set the name of the object / group.

- Added ability to set color and material objects.

- Added curve editor.

- Added modifier Normal.

- Increased speed of many parameters.


- Added the ability to work with the elements.

- Added checkbox "Auto Time Range".

- Added three spinners: "Position X, Y and Z".

- Added spinner "Max. Scale".

- Modified to work with helpers.


- Added ability to work with objects of class Helpers.

- Added the following spinners: "Min. Scale", "Random Rot.", "Random Pos.", "Normal Pos.", "Seeds" and three spinners to adjust the angle of rotation.

- Smoothness renamed to Falloff.

- Now checkboxes "Anim. Visibility", "Reverse", "Invert" and most spinners instantly show a change in the viewport.

- Partially rewritten interface.


- Added spinner "Start Frame".


- First Version.

Version Requirement: 3ds Max 2010 - 2019

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Author: Vladislav Bodyul

Version: 3.02

Last update: 22.11.2016

Demo Download